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DairyLive Speaks Spanish!

¡DairyLive habla español!

Noticia a nuestros amigos latinos:
DairyLive puede funcionar en inglés o español.
Haga clic aquí para ver nuestro sitio de Red en español.

We continue to receive lots of interest from our friends in Latin America. DairyLive is now bilingual. We are excited about the herd management software market in Latin America. Dairy farmers "south of the border" are very progressive and are in need of good tools in their native language. We appreciate all of the input we have received from our Spanish-speaking friends!

DairyLive can be run in either English or Spanish. DairyLive Anywhere can be used to access your herd data as well, and all names and values appear in Spanish, however, some prompts and help screens are still in English.

Most of our web site is also in Spanish.  Click here to see our web site in Spanish.

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